Apple has recently made changes to the trade-in values it offers for its own devices, following the launch of the HomePod and new M2 MacBook Pros. According to MacRumors, iPhone models in the US are now frequently worth less than before. For example, an iPhone 13 Pro Max, which previously had a trade-in value of up to $650, is now valued at up to $570. Other iPhone 13 models have also seen a decrease in trade-in value, such as the iPhone 13 Pro, which is now valued at up to $470, down from $550 previously. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini trade-ins are now valued at a maximum of $400 and $350, respectively, down from $450 and $380.

However, not all iPhone models have seen a decline in trade-in value. The iPhone 11, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 still have a trade-in value of up to $200. Additionally, iPad trade-ins have not seen a decrease in value, with an iPad Pro still valued at up to $445.

Interestingly, Apple is now offering more for most Mac trade-ins. For example, an old MacBook Pro can now net you up to $670 on your next purchase, up from $630 previously, while an older MacBook Air can now net up to $460, up from $440. The complete list of trade-in values can be found on Apple’s website.

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