“Exciting news for Apple fans: According to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the tech giant is planning to release a brand new foldable iPad sometime in 2024. This groundbreaking device is set to revolutionize the tablet market, offering users a unique, versatile and portable computing experience.

Kuo, who has a strong track record for accurate Apple predictions, revealed that the foldable iPad will feature a cutting-edge design, incorporating the latest technology and materials. He also stated that this new device will have a foldable display, allowing users to fold it in half for easy transport and storage.

The foldable iPad is expected to be a game-changer for the tablet market, offering a new level of convenience and functionality. It will allow users to have a tablet-sized display when they need it, and a compact, pocket-sized device when they don’t. This device will offer the best of both worlds, allowing users to work and play on the go, without sacrificing screen real estate or portability.

Also Kuo has suggested that the foldable iPad will feature a high-resolution display, powerful processors, and improved cameras. This new device is expected to appeal to a wide range of users, from professionals and students, to gamers and creative professionals

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