On early Wednesday, several Microsoft services are facing technical difficulties, with thousands of users reporting the issues on social media platforms. As per Downdetector, services such as Xbox Live, Microsoft Store, Outlook.com, Microsoft 365, Azure, Teams, and some popular games including Minecraft and Destiny have been facing outages in the past 24 hours.

User reports range from intermittent outages to entire systems being completely unavailable. “The whole xbox live system is down”

According to the Microsoft 365 status page, users may be facing difficulties accessing several Microsoft services, including Teams, Online, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Graph, Power BI, Microsoft 365 admin portal, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, Identity and Endpoint. The Microsoft 365 Status account on Twitter is currently investigating the issues that impact multiple Microsoft 365 services. The account later tweeted that they have identified a potential networking issue and are reviewing data to determine the next steps for troubleshooting. Recently, the account announced that they have rolled back a network change that may have caused the outage.

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