Twitter is reportedly exploring the idea of charging businesses and brands a substantial fee to keep their coveted gold verification checkmarks. According to a recent report this amount would be a whopping $1000 per year, with an additional fee of $50 for each affiliated account. This steep cost for a previously free tool to prevent impersonation has caused some concern among users.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra was among the first to draw attention to this potential pricing change, which has since been confirmed by the report from The Information. Although no date has been set for this move, as the pricing details are still being finalized and subject to change, Twitter has shown in the past that they are not afraid to adjust their prices, as evidenced by their recent decision to decrease the cost of Twitter Blue after initial backlash.

The gold checkmark, also known as “Verified for Organizations,” is a recent addition to Twitter, having been rolled out in December as part of a site-wide relaunch of Twitter Blue. This move was aimed at addressing the concerns raised by the platform’s disastrous initial launch in November, which had driven many brands away due to impersonation issues.

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